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The Shakopee Jaycees Individual Impact


The sole purpose of the Junior Chamber movement is to meet the personal and career development needs of young people.


More than 80 years ago, Henry Giessenbier and a group of young men in St. Louis established the Junior Chamber for personal reasons. They wanted to move ahead in their careers and their lives, but they faced a classic “catch-22.” To advance they needed more experience, but the only way to get more experience was to advance. They found they faced similar problems but had differing solutions to those problems. That diversity became their strength. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they discovered they possessed a wide range of talents, skills, and abilities, and along with the natural leaders in the group, they found and used available resources both within and out of their group.


Great leaders need great skills. The Junior Chamber (Jaycees) offers, through Individual Development projects, trainings and competitions, many opportunities for personal growth. The Minnesota Junior Chamber offers you opportunities to see how you've grown and where you need improvement as a leader. And, on a local chapter level the organization offers projects that help you grow in your personal life as well.


The Junior Chamber is re-emphasizing its purpose: Provide the opportunity for personal development and leadership training through community and organizational involvement.


It has been said, “You only get out of something what you put into it.” In the Junior Chamber, it could be more accurately stated, “You only get out of your Junior Chamber experience what you take from it.” The opportunity to grow as a person is here. But members must recognize those opportunities and use them to their advantage; to selfishly strive to improve. Building better people is what the Junior Chamber is all about.


Examples of Individual Development Projects


TiPS Training


Resume Building


Stress Management


People Puzzles


Impromptu Speak Up