Management Area

The Shakopee Jaycees Management Impact


Members benefit from knowledge and experience passed down by other members throught Management by Objectives (Project Management Guide or PMG). Members are encouraged to build their PMG by utilizing previous documents, their own experiences and guidance from chapter leadership and run projects that see the individual, chapter and community impact.


Through Management Development, you'll learn to project, financial, time and personnel management. You will also learn how to evaluate the success of a project or program. These skills not only apply to Jaycee business, but carry over to your career and personal life as well.  By participating in Management Development programs, you'll learn to plan chapter activities and maintain chapter finances. You'll learn how to practice public relations and communication to build unity in the chapter


 The management area is the largest area for means and ways projects. This is how we are able to bring in funds to use on all other areas. Financial stability is crucial for a successful chapter, and the Shakopee Jaycees continue to learn about new ways to invest and build our financial strength.


Examples of Management Projects 


Minnesota Renaissance Festival Beer Sales

Our largest means and ways project that helps fund the chapter's budget for the upcoming year. The Shakopee Jaycees run 10 Beer Booths for 7 weekends while managing volunteers to staff, managing inventory and maintaing financial accountability.

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Taste of Shakopee

 Purchased in 2011, the Shakopee Jaycees run a one night event that brings local resturants and catering groups to Huber Park during the annual Derby Days celebration. This project also helps fund the chapter's budget for the upcoming year.

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 Shakopee Derby Days Beer Sales

Derby Days is an annual festival held by the city of Shakopee, where the Shakopee Jaycees annually participate in the beer sales. The idea behind providing for the festival is to interact with the community, learn more about what the community needs are, host a community social, and gain monetary funds that will be placed back into the community through donations.

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 Shakopee Annual Report

The annual report is a recap of everything your chapter, district, region, or state accomplished in the year. The Shakopee Jaycees utilize the Civic Leadership Certification Submission and use that data to complete our Annual Report.

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